Sports in Grand Rapids


If you’re looking for some great athletic activities to engage in while in Grand Rapids, MI, then look no further. We’ve got the low down on great sports and fun active diversions in this western Michigan city. Keep on reading for all of the details!

Outdoor Sports

Winter Activities

Michigan is centrally located in the northern part of the Midwest. This means that the winters are long, cold, and snowy. If you don’t find something to keep yourself amused with, you might drive yourself insane. Luckily, people have lived here long enough to figure out what great things there are to do in this town when the weather drops below freezing.

One activity that people greatly enjoy here is sledding and skiing. It’s relatively flat in Michigan, but there are a few great steep hills in the Grand Rapids area. Pair these inclines with the lake effect snows that pound the western side of Michigan every year and you’ll get a perfect recipe for an awesome time. If you’re looking for even more snow and steeps, it might be a good idea to head up and hour or two north of Grand Rapids to Crystal Mountain, where you can enjoy trails groomed by Tree Service.


No northern paradise would be complete without an avid love for hockey. Many people in Michigan enjoy skating on frozen ponds and pushing around a puck with some friends. If you’re looking for more of a competitive atmosphere, there are plenty of great ice rinks around with leagues for men and women of all ages.

Summer Activities

The real fun in Michigan happens when the weather gets nice in the summer. There are many things to do that will give you the true Michigan experience.

It is an absolute must that you head up a few hours north of the city to a small inland lake. Here, you can enjoy swimming and boat related activities.