Ann Arbor Seasons


If you are wandering around the charming and quaint city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, you will quickly get familiar with all of the cute shops and restaurants that line the streets (which are perfectly manicured with tree care). However, what is available to you largely depends on the time of year. Michigan is known for having warm summers and cold, snowy winters, so it is good to know what to plan for if you are thinking about taking a visit. We’ve included some recommendations for you below that we think would be great to check out. Keep reading!

The Four Seasons


Summer is widely known as one of the best seasons in which to visit Michigan and Ann Arbor. The mild warm weather gives people an opportunity to soak up the sun outside without being too accosted by the heat. Through doing this, you’ll be able to wander through numerous shops as well as outdoor farmers markets. During the summer, Ann Arbor makes good use of the fair weather by hosting a lot of outdoor concerts. Many of these are free to the public. One of these organized concerts is a series that happens throughout the summer. It is hosted during lunch time on Fridays in the middle of the city. This allows many people to take their lunch break and get some great tunes in their ears.


Fall is another favorite here in Ann Arbor. The crispness of the air and the energy of students returning to study at the University of Michigan gives the town some excitement and exuberance that is unparalleled. In addition, many people can enjoy the cool weather in numerous ways. For example, you can head on down to a local orchard and cider mill to get a taste of the freshest apples and cider.